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SVLK – a new document that must be owned by the Indonesian exporters

Timber legality verification system (SVLK) tracking system is arranged in a multi stakeholder to ensure the legality of timber being circulated and traded in Indonesia. Systems of timber legality verification is developed to encourage the implementation of government regulations related to trade and distribution of forest products are legal in Indonesia.

From the government of Indonesia, the world anticipate the demands of international certification of the legality of timber, it can affect the entire industry and trade export of wood-based products are required to have a certificate of legality of timber that is SVLK (Timber Legality Verification System) at the latest prior to January 1, 2014 . Those who do not have certification SVLK on a specified date is not permitted to export, except to go through the scheme to be specified (as a description of the scheme is likely to do the inspection).

Of the European Union, Based on the EU Timber Regulation / Law EU timber trade system (I think it was established in 2003) provides that the date of March 3, 2013 the EU will start to run Act. Which in essence, the EU countries are only allowed to import products from other wood-based raw materials that are legal in the sense that as per their demands (this is attempted in the meet by SVLK, by the acquisition of the verification / audit by the independent verification and certification ). but there is recent news that the establishment this regulation Retreat to be April 1, 2013.

these are listed laws of government regulation

P 45 Permenhut 2012

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